Retail E-commerce Transformation

Client Background: A mid-sized retail chain, struggling with outdated systems and diminishing foot traffic, sought to revitalize its brand and expand its market reach through e-commerce. With a diverse product range and a strong desire to merge online shopping with an in-store feel, they approached Ampity Infotech for a comprehensive digital transformation.

Challenge: The client’s primary challenge was to transition from a purely brick-and-mortar operation to a dynamic online presence without losing the essence of their in-store shopping experience. They aimed to integrate advanced features like virtual try-on, personalized recommendations, and seamless inventory management between online and physical stores.

Solution: Ampity Infotech devised a multi-phased strategy focusing on user experience, backend efficiency, and data-driven personalization.

Platform Development: We developed a custom e-commerce platform tailored to the client’s unique needs, integrating immersive technologies like AR for virtual try-ons, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.


Inventory Integration: Implementing a robust ERP system, we enabled real-time inventory tracking and management across online and physical stores, ensuring product availability and reducing overstock situations.


Personalization Engine: Utilizing AI and machine learning, we created a personalized shopping experience for users, recommending products based on browsing history, purchase patterns, and user preferences.


Mobile Optimization: Recognizing the increasing trend of mobile shopping, we ensured the e-commerce platform was fully optimized for mobile devices, providing a seamless shopping experience across all platforms.


Marketing Automation: To drive traffic and retain customers, we implemented a marketing automation suite that managed email campaigns, social media marketing, and retargeting strategies based on user behavior and preferences.

Technologies Used:

  • Frontend: ReactJS for a responsive design
  • Backend: Node.js with an Express framework for fast processing
  • Database: MongoDB for flexible data storage
  • AI & Machine Learning: For personalization features
  • AR Technology: For virtual try-ons
  • ERP Integration: SAP for inventory management

Outcome: The transformation led to a significant increase in online sales, with a 75% growth in the first year post-launch. The AR try-on feature became a major hit, increasing customer engagement and reducing return rates by 30%. The integrated inventory system drastically improved stock management, leading to a 20% reduction in overstock costs. The personalized shopping experience increased customer retention rates by 40%.

Client Testimonial: “Our partnership with Ampity Infotech revolutionized not just our sales approach but our brand’s market presence. Their strategic insight and technological prowess turned our vision into a thriving digital reality, setting a new benchmark for retail excellence.”