Share Your Requirements

Detailed Job Description: Illuminate us with the roles, responsibilities, indispensable skills, market experience, and your budget. The more precise you are, the closer we get to the perfect match.

Behavioral Insights: Culture and vibe are essential. Answer a few behavioral questions to aid us in identifying talents that resonate with your company’s ethos.



Matchmaking & Review

Profile Presentation: Within days, we’ll present a curated list of profiles that best fit your criteria. Review them, shortlist, and give us your preferred interview slots.

Availability Spectrum:

  • Immediate Availability: Talents from our network ready to jump in.
  • Pending Vetting: We have potential matches, but they need our comprehensive vetting. Once cleared, their profiles reach you.
  • Custom Search: If we don’t spot an immediate match, we scour the market for the right fit tailored for you.

Pre-interview Assessments: Should you require additional technical assessments for potential hires, simply share your tests. Our candidates are always prepared to showcase their capabilities.



Interview & Decision

Hassle-Free Assessments: Each talent undergoes a rigorous pre-vetting process, including checks on their technical skills and communication abilities. This minimizes the margin of error, aiding even non-tech interviewers to focus on cultural compatibility.

No Strings Attached: If you’re ever on the fence post-interview, we offer a no-obligation trial. Let the talent work for up to two weeks, granting you additional insights to make an informed decision.



Seamless Onboarding & Management

Hassle-free Integration: Once you give the nod, we handle the contractual details and ensure that the onboarding process is as smooth as silk.

Dedicated Support: An Ampity Talent Success Coach is always on standby, ensuring the bond between you and your new hire remains unbreakable.

Flexible Terms:

  • Replacement Assurance: Challenges? Don’t fret! We guarantee a hassle-free talent replacement.
  • Easy Exit: Should there be a need to conclude the engagement, a simple 30-day notice is all it takes

With Ampity, your search for the top 1% IT talents becomes simpler, swifter, and surer. Join hands with us and experience the Ampity difference.