Fixed Price Model

For projects with well-defined scopes and established deadlines, we offer a Fixed Price Model. Here’s what you can expect


Know the cost upfront, with a comprehensive breakdown of all charges.


Pay for the final product, not the hours worked, ensuring your project is on budget.

Milestone-Based Payments

Clear, agreed-upon deliverables and timelines for easier budgeting and progress tracking.

Time & Material Model

Ideal for projects where the scope is subject to change or not clearly defined. This model offers


Adapt the project scope, scale workforce, and pivot direction as needed.


Regular updates mean you’re in the driver’s seat, able to manage the project dynamically.


Billing reflects the hours worked, ensuring you pay for the actual work done.

Dedicated Team Model

When you need an extended team or have an ongoing project, this model provides

Talent On-Demand

Access to a pool of top 1% IT professionals dedicated to your project.


Scale the team size up or down based on the project evolution.

Management Control

Option to oversee the project directly or let us handle all the details.

Custom Solutions

Every project is unique, and so are your requirements. If our standard models don’t fit your needs, we’re open to creating a custom pricing model tailored just for you.

Transparent, Fair, and No Hidden Costs

No matter the model you choose, transparency remains our top priority. With Ampity Infotech, there are no hidden fees, no surprise add-ons. Just clear, honest pricing that aligns with the impeccable quality we deliver.

Let’s Find What Works for You

Not sure which model suits your project? Reach out to us. Our experts are here to discuss your project requirements and guide you to the pricing model that aligns perfectly with your business needs and financial considerations.

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To get accurate rates, share the job description and additional details. We’ll check our databases and provide the appropriate budget for your requirement.

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